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Gochisou uses the freshest spices and ingredients available to ensure our Japanese, Sushi never disappoints. The staff at Gochisou are quick, friendly and attentive. You can order online here on our site for delivery in 45 minutes.

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3 Princes Street
Mayfair, W1B2LD

Favourite Menu Items


fresh crab, avocado, tobiko and spicy mayonnaise topped with grilled eel


fresh crab and avocado topped with prawn and avocado


king prawn tempura, asparagus topped with salmon and avocado


salmon and avocado wrapped in tuna


tuna and avocado wrapped in salmon


soft shell crab, tempura flakes, shrimp and cucumber

Gochisou's Reviews

49 reviews


  • Sushilicious food delivered at bullet train speed - definetely reordering soon!


  • The food was not so good as before. And the delivery arrived at 8pm, but I ordered at 5.30.


  • I ordered at 5.30 and it arrives after 7.00. The food is excellent but the waiting is not much worth it


  • great delivery food was fab and it arrived on time will use again soon


  • Delivery time is far too long


  • Expensive and not much food. Average quality.


  • Restaurant sent an email saying that the food was going to arrive 10 minutes late. In fact it arrived 50 minutes late! Very poor. However the food was good when it eventually arrived.


  • Very ordinary sushi. I was racking my brains before, during and after the meal to try and figure out what might set this restaurant apart from the rest; but I really couldn't find any reason. It is very expensive and the portions are miniscule. It was well prepared and presented elegantly on a tray, and delivered in a bespoke twill-style cotton bag; but at £40 pounds, the resultant dinnerplate-sized platter was a major anti-climax. And this was with ordering the cheapest cuts from the menu. I aimed for the £1/piece (£6.50/ 6 pieces) offerings, to get the most for my money, but even with employing this tactic, I still felt hard done by. On the plus side, they deliver during the day.... But still..... Not somewhere I am going to rush to order from again.


  • WARNING!!! People who wants to order from this restaurant be careful! with 1-1.6pounds per sushi roll, the taste is really just fair... maybe a little below fair because of the service!, AND with 4 pounds, the salad is literally two bites! Delivery came ONE HOUR after the latest delivery time estimated! One whole HOUR! my dinner had to move from 8.40 to 9.40PM! And when called, the only answer is we have a large request and your delivery is on it's way, didn't even take my order number how do you know it's on it's way?!?!?! Awful experience with this restaurant and will never ever order from here again!


  • Good but very long to deliver


  • Lovely sushi sets, good quality for takeaway. Delivery was prompt, I received a call from the driver when he left the restaurant (I live only 10 mins away) Fish was fresh and the sushi was well-made. It is not a super bargain at almost £20 per person but once in a while it makes a great treat.


  • My delivery arrived an item short, but the driver was absolutely superb in returning quickly with the missing item. Very happy with the way the situation was handled.


  • I ordered twice from this restaurant. Quality of food is excellent. Fresh scallop, delicious sweet shrimp and perfect salmon. My order came quite fast as well. First time I ordered 1 portion of sashimi salmon (there were 5 pieces), 1 sashimi sweet shrimp (there were 10 pieces as it should be in any japanese restaurant because sweet shrimps are too small) and 1 sashimi octopus (also 5 pieces). However, when I ordered from this restaurant second time and ordered 2 portions of sweet shrimp sashimi, again I got 10 pieces.. It was NOT double portion. It was single one. So please check when you receive your order. I lost 10 pounds because of this.


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